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How to Care for Your Suit?

Learn how to properly care for your tailored suits and shirts to maintain their impeccable appearance. Discover the dos and don'ts of suit care, fabric-specific cleaning techniques, and expert advice on ironing and storing to preserve their shape and quality.

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Investing in tailor-made clothes is a decision that ensures superior fit, comfort, and style. When you own tailored suits and dress shirts, it’s essential to prioritize their care to maintain their impeccable look and prolong their lifespan. Proper suit care and cleaning is essential.

By incorporating a few simple practices into your routine, you can extend the life of your suits and save money in the long run. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best practices for cleaning, maintaining and storing your tailored suits.

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Suit Care for Wearing

Suit Rotation: #1 Rule for Suit Care

Maintaining a strong suit game starts with proper rotation. Allowing your suit some time off your body and hanging it up helps preserve its shape. By not wearing your suit on a daily basis, you can keep it clean for a longer period, reducing the frequency of visits to the dry-cleaner.

However, if your profession demands wearing suits daily, here are some options to consider:

  • Invest in an extra suit: By adding another suit to your wardrobe, you not only extend the lifespan of each individual suit but also expand your style options.
  • If purchasing another suit is out of your budget, you can opt for buying an additional pair of pants. Pants tend to wear out faster than jackets, and having pants in a different color can enhance the versatility and style of your suit jacket.

Air Dry Your Suit

After each use, it’s best to air dry your suit on a wooden hanger in a well-ventilated area for a few hours. This allows the fabric to breathe and freshens it up while removing any potential odors.

Air drying helps minimize the formation of wrinkles. As the suit hangs and dries naturally, gravity assists in pulling out any slight creases or folds that may have formed during wear. This results in a smoother, more polished look when you next put on your suit.

Also, some suit fabrics, such as wool, have a tendency to shrink when exposed to heat. By air drying, you mitigate the risk of shrinkage and ensure that your suit maintains its proper fit and proportions.

Empty Your Pockets (Jacket and Trousers)

Achieve a polished and refined look by refraining from overloading your suit pockets. Whether it’s the pockets on your jacket or the ones on your trousers. Stuffing them with excessive items not only disrupts the suit’s silhouette but can also have long-term effects on its shape and pocket liners.

Opt for a minimalist approach and carry only the essentials when wearing a slim suit. Items like a credit card, cash, identification, phone, and house keys are typically sufficient. By keeping your pockets light, you’ll help maintain the integrity of your suit and ensure it stays in great condition.

Suit Care for Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

Addressing stains promptly is essential in suit care. Gently dab the stains using a fabric cleaner or a mild detergent and a clean cloth. However, be cautious not to overdo it, as excessive scrubbing may damage your outfit.

If you find yourself unable to remove the stains yourself, we recommend seeking the assistance of a professional dry cleaner. Their expertise and specialized cleaning techniques can effectively eliminate stubborn stains while preserving the fabric quality.

Furthermore, regular brushing is crucial to remove accumulated dust and debris from the surface of your suit. Use a horse hair brush or a lint roller to gently brush the suit after each use, ensuring that it maintains a fresh and impeccable appearance.

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Ironing and Steaming

When it comes to ironing your tailored suit, it’s important to exercise caution. While ironing can lead to better results, the high temperatures involved can damage the fabrics over time. To maintain the integrity of your suit, we recommend using a steamer instead.

Steaming allows you to relax the fibers and effortlessly remove any creases or wrinkles, ensuring your suit looks impeccable.

However, if ironing becomes necessary, use a low to medium heat setting and place a clean press cloth between the iron and the fabric to provide an extra layer of protection.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning plays a crucial role in suit care. However, it’s important to use it wisely. Dry clean your blazer only when there is visible dirt or unpleasant odors that have built up, as excessive cleaning can cause the fabric to deteriorate. We recommend dry cleaning no more than four times a year for blazers.

When it comes to trousers, dry clean them no more than once a month, especially if you wear them frequently. This approach helps maintain the fabric’s integrity and extends the life of your tailored suits.

It is essential to continuously care for your bespoke tailored suit to keep the high-quality fabric in its best state.

Suit Care for Storage

Using the Right Hanger

Hang your suit on a wide-shoulered padded or wooden hanger to maintain its shape and prevent wrinkles. A wooden hanger is particularly beneficial as it helps absorb any damaging moisture that may be trapped in your suit, thereby extending its lifespan.

Give Your Suit Space

When storing your suit in your closet, ensure that it has ample space to breathe. Avoid overcrowding, as it can lead to the accumulation of moisture and potentially damage your suit. Providing enough room for your suit to hang freely will help preserve its shape and fabric quality.

Use a Cloth Garment Bag

If you do not intend to use your suit for a while, store it in a breathable garment bag. This provides an extra later or protection and helps prevent the suit from being crushed. The garment bag will also safeguard your suit from dust and moths.

Make sure to buy a garment bag that is breathable and long enough to store your suit!

Folding Your Suit for Travel

While folding your suit may seem strange, it can be necessary when traveling. If you have an important meeting or conference ahead, the last thing you want is to arrive with a wrinkled suit. Follow these simple steps to fold your suit effectively:

  • Turn your jacket inside out. This protects the delicate lining and outer fabric.
  • Hold the shoulders and fold. Grasp the jacket at the shoulders and fold it in half, aligning the lapels.
  • Fold the jacket in half, ensuring that the top of the shoulders aligns with the bottom of the jacket.

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Contact Us for More Expert Advice on Suit Care

For further expert advice on taking care of your tailored garments, feel free to reach out to the knowledgeable team at President Tailors.

With decades of experiences in perfecting the craft of bespoke suits and shirts, we are dedicated to assisting our customers in making informed decisions. Whether you have questions about suit maintenance, fabric choices, or any other aspect of tailoring, our experts are here to help.

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