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Top 5 Cheap Things to Buy in Bangkok

Bangkok Shopping Market
Dive into the vibrant shopping scene of Bangkok! From the iconic Thai silk to aromatic spices and local handbags, our guide unveils budget-friendly delights for every explorer in the heart of Thailand's capital.

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In Bangkok, the allure of cultural landmarks and vibrant streets attracts millions of visitors seeking affordable items to buy. Fortunately, this premier vacation destination offers an array of markets, stalls, stores, and malls. It provides a haven for travelers seeking inexpensive and enticing shopping experiences.

From self-care to household items, Bangkok showcases unique products that embody the essence of the city. The affordability of many items makes shopping in Thailand feasible for budget-conscious explorers. Explore this list for insights on what to purchase and bring a piece of Bangkok home with you.

Tailored Suits and Other Garments

Bangkok is globally renowned as the ultimate destination for acquiring tailored suits. Some travelers flock to Bangkok specifically for bespoke garments. The unbeatable combination of affordable prices and exceptional fabric quality and craftsmanship draws them in. You can buy a tailored suit in Bangkok for as low as 6,500 Baht – probably the cheapest in the world.

The array of fabric choices available in Bangkok’s best tailor stores is staggering. From classic wool to breathable linen, you can buy a custom suit that is not only tailored to perfection but also suits all climates. Additionally, Bangkok’s tailors are renowned for their efficiency. Unlike the lengthy waiting periods often associated with bespoke tailoring, you can get your suit within only 48 hours.

Tailoring in Bangkok isn’t limited to just suits. You can also purchase tailored shirts, trousers, or even dresses. Investing in a tailored suit in Bangkok isn’t just a purchase; it’s a memory to wear. Each stitch, every fitting, and the final product tell a story of your time in the city.

Cheap Tailored Suits in Bangkok

Thai Silk

One of the most coveted and iconic treasures that Thailand offers is the exquisite Thai silk. Renowned worldwide for its luxurious feel and vibrant colors, Thai silk is a must-buy for those seeking a touch of elegance in their souvenirs. Bangkok boasts some of the world’s most affordable silk, inviting visitors to buy and experience luxury at cheap prices.

To embark on a journey into the world of Thai silk, head to markets like Jim Thompson House or the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Here, you’ll find an array of silk products ranging from scarves and ties to traditional Thai clothing. With exceptional bargaining skills, you can buy exquisite silk scarves for as low as 100 Baht ($3).

For a truly authentic experience, consider purchasing traditional Thai garments made of silk. The ‘Chut Thai’ for women and ‘Pha Hom’ for men are traditional silk outfits that showcase the beauty of Thai silk in its full glory. Thai silk extends beyond traditional attire. Look for silk accessories like ties, scarves, and pillow cases.

Silk Dress

Thai Foods and Spices

Bangkok’s food scene offers an explosion of flavors that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Thai foods and spices stand out as some of the cheapest items to buy in Bangkok.

A staple in Thai households and a go-to quick meal for locals, Mama Noodles are instant noodles that have achieved a cult-like status. Choose from a variety of flavors, each offering a symphony of tastes from spicy tom yum to savory pad Thai. You can buy a packet of Mama Noodles for only 7 Baht ($0.2). They’re available at every convenient store and supermarket.

Bangkok’s markets offer an extensive array of spice blends, including the famous Thai curry pastes, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal. Take a piece of Thailand’s bold and aromatic flavors home with you by stocking up on these essential spices. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, experimenting with Thai spices adds an authentic touch to your culinary creations.

Cheap Thai Spices in Bangkok

Essential Oils and Healers

Thai inhalers, balms and essential oils transcend mere products. They are a sensory journey into the calming and invigorating scents deeply rooted in Thai culture.

Thai inhalers, often known as “ya dom“, are compact tubes filled with essential oils that cater to various needs, from relaxation to energy boosters. Inhaling these fragrant blends becomes a personal aromatherapy session, offering tranquility on the go. You’re able to find them at pharmacies and convenience stores for prices as low as 24 Baht ($0.7), depending on the type of inhaler you choose.

Another remedy for nasal congestion, breathing difficulties and motion sickness is the Pim Saen Nam. It’s a combination of the local herb Pin Saen, methanol, camphor and eucalyptus oil. You will definitely find the locals using this and it’s effortlessly applied with a simple roll on your temples for quick relief.

Bangkok’s markets offer an array of unique essential oil blends, each carefully crafted to evoke specific emotions and enhance well-being. From the refreshing scent of lemongrass to the calming aroma of lavender, these essential oils capture the essence of Thai botanicals. Explore local markets like Chatuchak for a diverse selection of these aromatic treasures. If you’re looking for higher quality oils, you check out any THANN or HARNN outlet.

Essential Oils

Thai Handmade Bags

Thai handmade bags showcase the artistry and craftsmanship deeply ingrained in Thai culture. Skilled artisans employ traditional techniques to create bags that are not just accessories, but works of art. Artisans use a variety of materials to craft these bags, ranging from eco-friendly options like bamboo and jute to more luxurious choices such as silk and leather.

From the timeless elegance of silk clutch purses to the practicality of woven market bags, there’s a handmade creation for every occasion. Each bag exudes a distinct charm, making it a unique accessory that complements your individual style. You can easily find such bags at Pratunam Market or MBK Center.

If you’re searching for a local brand with high-quality handbags, be sure to check out NaRaYa for an extensive selection. The captivating aesthetics and exceptional quality of these items have garnered global acclaim. If you seek superb and affordable gifts for your dear ones, NaRaYa has you covered.

Cheap Handmade Bags in Bangkok

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