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Are Skinny Jeans For Men Out of Fashion?

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Men’s fashion, generally seen as a limited ground for experiments and evolution, is actually significantly diverse and expansive. It has gone through many changes and variations related to fabrics, fits, prints, and styles over the decades. It has seen many trends come, go, and reappear in an upgraded version. Especially men’s bottom wear has seen many transformations from body-fit trousers, to bell-bottom pants, baggy joggers, chinos, and much more. 

However, skinny jeans for men have been one of the raging trends in the history of men’s fashion. They stayed in vogue for a considerable time before making way for a more comfortable straight fit, relaxed fit, and bootcut pants and chinos. Skinny jeans were equally hated and loved by their wearers for the uncomfortably tight fitting and the sleek chiseled look respectively. 

Although, the current trendsetters of men’s fashion i.e. Gen Z do not seem to be impressed by the idea of body-hugging denim and trousers, and are more drawn toward loose and baggy pants that are roomy, breathable, and comfortable. 

There has always been a debate among the experts of the fashion fraternity about the relevance of skinny jeans. There are some who see the whole idea of skinny-fit jeans or trousers as regressive and unfavorable on many levels, whereas there are also some people who find it sculpting, appealing, and a fashion-forward trend. 

So, it is high time we try to find out whether skinny-fit jeans have gone completely out of fashion for men or have managed to retain their relevance among people.

Why Did Skinny Jeans Apparently Disappear from the Men’s Wardrobe? 

In order to evaluate the existence of skinny jeans for men in the fashion market, first we need to mark out the reasons leading to their disappearance from the Gen Z wardrobe. The possible key reasons behind the downfall of skinny jeans could be:

Inconvenient to Be Worn for Long Hours

Needless to say how uncomfortable, the skinny jeans made each of them feel throughout the day. With thick denim clinging as close as possible to the body, it became extremely difficult for people to be comfortable while wearing it for long hours. Hardly there would be someone who would debate in negation over this point. No matter how defined and sculpted it made the legs look, it was always a pleasure to get rid of them at the end of the day.

Hinders Mobility

Because of being incredibly tight and uncomfortable, it reduced the scope of movement and stretchability. It restricted the movement of legs not only while walking but also made it difficult to fold legs comfortably while sitting on a chair or sofa. It made men feel continuously uncomfortable while performing everyday tasks by limiting their movability and flexibility.


In light of the points mentioned above, skinny jeans not only hindered the comfort and mobility of the body but also were highly unbreathable for the skin leading to many skin issues like skin irritation, and bacterial and fungal infections in and around the genital area due to sweat accumulation, itching, redness, bad odor, and more. They also lead to skin tears around delicate areas.

Hinders Blood Circulation 

The tightness of the skinny jeans for men also hindered blood circulation in and around the legs which ultimately led to excessively fatigued and aching legs. In extreme cases, it also acted as one of the causes of conditions like varicose veins.

All these factors made skinny jeans unappealing for people, especially when they discovered the comfort and style offered by the loose, comfortable, airy, and baggy trousers. It eventually made the skinny jeans for men leave the table and make space for the comfy pants that are being equally liked by men of all ages.

These factors made people find other better alternatives that could replace skinny jeans. They started shifting towards straight fit, relaxed fit, and bootcut jeans that offered them a perfect blend of comfort and style. The popularity of chinos also increased as the perfect formal and casual bottom wear alternative for men.

Are Skinny Jeans for Men Completely Out of Context or Are They En Route for Their Comeback?

We all know the ever-evolving, forgiving, and upcycling nature of fashion, it is always ready to give a second chance and a new breath of life to even the oldest style and fashion. Therefore, it would not be incorrect to say that skinny jeans are going through transformational changes and are ready to reappear in the men’s wardrobe after some refinements. 

Moreover, there are several people who believe that it never actually vanished completely from the fashion circles and still have some admirers who love wearing them every now and then. So, let us analyze the scope of refinement that already has or possibly can bring back skinny jeans in vogue for men’s fashion.

Choosing Lighter Fabrics

There are many brands that are producing good old skinny jeans in lighter and more natural fabrics to offer the chiseled macho look minus the inconvenience. People who are fashion-forward have already replaced their old pair of skinny jeans with a new and lighter version in their wardrobe.

Being a Bit More Relaxed Than They Previously Were

These days skinny jeans are not as skinny as they were. Although they create the sculpted illusion but not actually cling to the body as they used to in the old times which has made them acceptable for a lot of folks out there and are on their way to becoming even more popular among the jeans-loving men. 

Offer Better Movability and Flexibility

The lightweight fabric and comparatively comfortable fit, especially in the delicate areas have made skinny jeans for men more comfortable and movable to be worn for long hours. It would discard the hesitation of men for including a few pairs in their everyday wardrobe. 

Being More Breathable and Skin-Friendly

The main transformation that skinny jeans for men has undergone, which can prove to be the game changer for skinny jeans in the long run is the use of breathable fabric that is soft and kind to the skin. The first thing that a man looks for in a pair of pants is comfort and breathability. 

These factors are collectively sufficient to make skinny jeans for men a crucial part of men’s mainstream fashion. With the re-emergence of skinny jeans, the men’s bottom wear trend will most likely come back to a full circle. 

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Even after the transformation and refinement of skinny jeans, the debate over the relevance of skinny jeans in the ongoing fashion scenario is not expected to subside any soon. It would be a bit too soon to predict the speed with which skinny jeans for men will re-establish their presence and prevalence in the market. But the fact that skinny jeans are soon going to resurface in the market and in the wardrobe of men is totally predictable. 

It would also be remarkable to add that, jeans in general, whether skinny, wide-legged, or straight cut are an extremely essential part of men’s wardrobe. It might keep evolving but will always hold a place of honor in the world of men’s fashion.

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