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The 5 Must-Have Dress Shirts For Every Man

Dress Shirts for Men
Explore the essential dress shirts that elevate your style game effortlessly. From the classic white knight to the casually cool plaid, discover the wardrobe staples every man should own.

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Whether you’re a fashion newbie or just looking to refresh your wardrobe, nailing the basics is key. Dress shirts are the backbone of any sophisticated wardrobe. These versatile pieces can effortlessly take you from formal events to Casual Fridays.

So, if you’re wondering where to start your shirt collection, worry not! We’ve got your back with our rundown of the five dress shirts every man should own.


1. The Timeless White Dress Shirt

Gentlemen, meet the OG of dress shirts – the classic white. Not only does it complement any color, but it’s also fitting for nearly every occasion. It’s the chameleon of shirts, perfect to wear for work or on weekends with jeans.

You can pair it with a sleek black tie for that formal look or roll up the sleeves for a laid-back office vibe. We recommend opting for a cutaway collar with this shirt, allowing for versatile wear with or without a tie. For that timeless touch, consider a single-cuff design without pockets.

Men's White Dress Shirt

2. The Suave Oxford Button-Down Shirt

Meet the Oxford button-down, your ultimate weapon for nailing that smart-casual look. With its slightly thicker fabric and button-down collar, this shirt effortlessly walks the line between relaxed and put-together.

Perfect for those days when you want to exude style without looking like you’re trying too hard. Throw on some chinos and suede loafers, and you’re ready to conquer brunch or a relaxed day at the office.

When it comes to choosing the perfect Oxford shirt color, it’s wise to start with a versatile shade like light blue. This classic option effortlessly pair with various outfits and occasions, giving you a solid foundation to build upon.

3. The Striking Striped Dress Shirt

Incorporating patterns into your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Say hello to the striped dress shirt – a pattern that’s both bold and adaptable.

Subtle pinstripes can enhance your outfit’s structure and sophistication while creating a visually slimming effect. This makes them ideal for important meetings or days when you aim to make a lasting impression.

This design offers a spectrum of stripe colors and widths, ranging from subtle pencil lines to fine hairline patterns and bold Bengal stripes. Remember, as a general guideline, the broader the stripe, the more casual the shirt’s appearance becomes.

We suggest to start with subtle white-based shirts featuring thin blue stripes.

Striped Blue Dress Shirt

4. The Versatile Checked Dress Shirt

When casual Fridays call, the checked dress shirt answers with style. Checked patterns, from gingham to windowpane, add a playful touch to your outfit while still keeping it polished.

It’s an excellent way to infuse some vibrancy into your wardrobe without straying into overly loud territory. Layer it under a navy or tan suit for an effortlessly suave look that transitions seamlessly from office to after-work drinks.

Remember, the more colors and the larger the checks, the shirt leans towards a more casual look. Hence, our suggestion is to begin with 1-2 colors and smaller check patterns.

Checked Dress Shirt

5. The Mellow Chambray Dress Shirt

Looking for a dress shirt that’s as comfortable as your favorite worn-in denim shirt? Enter the chambray dress shirt, a laid-back option that doesn’t compromise on style.

Its textured and lightweight fabric makes it a fantastic choice for warmer days, and it pairs splendidly with chinos or dark-wash jeans. Roll up those sleeves and add a leather belt for a relaxed yet refined appearance that’s perfect for date nights or weekend escapades.

Chambray Shirt

In Conclusion: Five Dress Shirts to Own First

And there you have it, gents – your starting lineup of must-have dress shirts! Remember, building a versatile wardrobe is all about balancing timeless classics with contemporary flair.

As you can see, the majority of our suggested colors lean towards white or blue. This preference is due to the exceptional versatility and success that white and blue colors bring to business settings.

Once you’ve built a versatile wardrobe and have a solid grasp of its essentials, you can take it up a notch. Consider obtaining solid-colored shirts in a variety of shades like pink, beige, or even daring options like black or grey.

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