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Bespoke Tailoring Process

Bespoke Tailoring Process
Crafting your style story begins with bespoke tailoring. Discover the detailed process—from measurements to hand-stitching—that makes your garment unique to your personality.

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Bespoke tailoring represents the epitome of personalized clothing. Every inch of the garment is meticulously designed, sewn, and refined, ensuring a personalized fit and style that celebrates your unique personality. Unlike made-to-measure, where existing patterns are adjusted to suit the client, the bespoke tailoring process starts from scratch.

From the initial consultation to the final fittings, every aspect of your garment is about crafting your style story. And this blog walks you through the bespoke tailoring process to set your expectations right.

Initial Consultation

Your bespoke tailoring process starts with a consultation. This helps our tailors understand your style, personality, budget, and the settings you’ll wear your suit in. This helps us streamline the selection of fabric swatches available for your consideration. With hundreds of fabric choices, we’ll guide you through to pick what best suits you. The final choice is yours!

Bespoke Tailoring Process: Consultation

Styling Your Suit

Here, we delve into the nitty-gritty details that bring your vision to life. From selecting the lapel type to choosing the buttons and even deciding on the type of lining, every single element adds its unique touch to your bespoke suit.

The lapel, whether a notch, peak, or shawl, helps define the silhouette and overall feel. Buttons range from simple elegance to personalized styles, and the lining, though unseen, can be a whisper of personal flair or a bold statement. Every decision is about crafting a suit that wholly embodies your style, down to the tiniest detail.


This phase is far more than just taking a few lengths; it’s a meticulous craft. Our experienced tailors meticulously measure over 20 key points on your body, ensuring every inch is perfectly captured.

From the circumference of your chest to the length of your arms, every detail is considered. Taking accurate measurements is the backbone of a perfectly fitting suit.

Bespoke Tailoring Process: Measurements

Pattern Creation and Cutting

Based on the details gathered during our consultation, a distinct personal paper pattern is crafted by our cutter. We take into consideration various aspects of your physique, like a dropped shoulder, hollow back, chest prominence, or individual postures.

Once the entire paper pattern is prepared, it is placed on the fabric you’ve selected and outlined using tailoring chalk. Using large tailoring shears, we cut along these chalk lines to form the individual panels for each garment. We meticulously choose and gather the internal canvases, linings, and other essential components like fixings and fasteners. These elements are then assembled together to create a ‘rough draft’ of your suit.

Bespoke Tailoring Process: Cutting the Suit

Baste Fitting

During the initial baste fitting, you’ll be trying on the garments for the first time. The suit isn’t fully assembled at this stage, it’s basted together. While you’re wearing the suit, we reevaluate your measurements and start to pin and chalk for any required adjustments.

Every aspect of this process is thoroughly reviewed, giving you an understanding of how the attire will look after the alterations are completed.

Baste Fitting


The clothing items now undergo another round in the workshop, where linings, pockets, sleeves, and several internal details are meticulously hand-sewn.

First, the suit is ‘disassembled’ meticulously. Then, the tailor meticulously makes adjustments according to the chalk marks and pins put in earlier during the fitting. This process allows for a detailed examination of the fit and precise adjustments for a perfect silhouette.

Alongside this, your individual paper pattern is updated. This step ensures that your tailored garment will maintain the same impeccable fit in the future.

Forward Fitting

During a ‘forward fitting’, all the garments are worn again for a comprehensive review. If necessary, further adjustments are then made to the paper pattern as well as the garments themselves after this fitting session.

Next, the tailor conducts the last phases of hand-stitching, such as crafting handmade buttonholes and elegantly hand-sewing the buttons.

Forward Fitting

Order Ready

Your suit is finally ready! All handwork is meticulously finished and repeatedly inspected, then presented to our client. Your suit undergoes a thorough steam pressing and is carefully packed into our elegant suit bag, ready for collection or delivery.

And that concludes the fascinating journey through the bespoke tailoring process! At President Tailors, we take pride in crafting suits that not only fit you perfectly but also tell your unique style story. We recommend at least two fittings to ensure your suit fits flawlessly.

Ready to embark on your tailoring adventure? Schedule an appointment with us today and let’s start crafting your perfect suit!

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